Speed Loader Double Cross 2000


The Speed Loader Double Cross 2000 was a very interesting blaster that I once owned for a short period of time.  It had two nozzles each fired by separate triggers that could rotate.  It was like a body with two separate mini sentry guns on it, the whole thing looked very futuristic like something from a sci fi Star Trek film or the like.  Although in Star Trek it would have been embarrassing to have them in yellow, blue and red!  This because of the rotating turrets made for one deadly blaster, and being a Speed Loader no pumping was required.  You could fire thick CPS streams rated at about 3-5x in output all over the place that it would make a laser convention look pointless.  This devastation did come at a price, it did not last very long as the Double Cross 2000 only holds just over a litre of water in its supercharged CPS chamber before needing to refill, and being a Speed Loader if you didn’t have the quick fill device then you could not use it, busted, if that happened and you had nothing else at the time then it probably would have felt like being kicked out of a relationship and being lonely.

Still, while short, the amount of water it dishes out and the way it does it is so worth it.  Just make sure you have the hose filling device for it.  If you see one it is worth picking up.