Speed Loader Double Cross 2500


1.87L - 65.8oz
Shot Time

Main Stream (Top)
7.5m - 24.75'
11.5m - 37.95
128mL - 4.5oz
Large Blast (Bottom)
7.5m - 24.75'
10.5m - 34.65'
241mL - 8.5oz
369mL - 13oz

Pump Volume
Shots Per Tank

The Speed Loader Power Surge 2500 was released in 1999 by W3, and is one of the biggest blasters of their line up holding around just under two litres of water.  This blaster looks pretty mental, thing is though, it hard to actually pinpoint what it actually looks like, although the front to me resembles what those worms from the Tremors films look like.  The blaster has its flaws; however is still deadly, what blaster that has two nozzles that can fire individually or at the same time isn’t?  Yeah!

I’ll start out with straight away this thing don’t play games.  Having two nozzles with two separate triggers is a very nice idea; the triggers are also very tough and won’t break.  The trigger at the back activates the top nozzle which is the long range beam nozzle at around 4x in output.  Then there is the bottom nozzle trigger at the front that when pulled drops down the red cosmetic flap and unleashes a larger shorter range rioty blast nozzle around 8x in size.  Pretty damn formidable, it’s another one of those your target may as well not have tried to dress moments, which is always good.  The blaster also like every other Speed Loader has a pressure gauge which comes in useful.  Not only that, a well made strap which is a lot better than the Super Soaker straps is also thrown in which when using doesn’t feel like it’ll fall off and make the blaster break one of your toes when it lands on your foot.  The colours are also pretty good, being mostly light blue with yellow patterning with a bit of red; it’s almost like a Thunderstruck colour scheme...only on a water gun, like many other powerful CPS guns it certainly does that to your target as well.  There is also a flip up target that is more of a bells and whistles type thing, but still is a nice touch.

Surprisingly the main issue with the 2500 is actually durability/reliability on a certain part, and that is sadly the trigger valve.  I got mine new, and the trigger valve was actually being held together by the internals when sealed up, but when filled up it was leaking slightly and slowly loosing pressure.  When opened it was split in half.  Now while that is quite an issue, it really shows how well it was built to take problems, as despite suffering from a bad valve, it was still able to hold pressure fully charged and while leaking a bit could still fire on all six cylinders (or two triggers in this case)!  Still though, it is let down a fair bit here, you can seal the valve though and it should be fine after, but still, it’s a problem that really shouldn’t be there to begin with.  Even with a larger capacity in the range, the 2500 can still run out quickly, and if you don’t have a QFD then that’s it, no more causing devastation.

The Speed Loader Power Surge 2500 is a very devastating blaster that is a force to be reckoned with; however it let down by slight durability problems, and again you’ll need a Quick Fill Device (QFD) to use it.  They aren’t easy to find nowadays either, but, if you want a no pumping lazy days blaster that does nothing but soak and devastate and also face the possibly of a bit of a leaky valve, then the 2500 is recommendable.

Using the Speed Loader Power Surge 2500

Almost any situation is good, as the 2500 has got enough firepower and soakage to cope, just again the 2500 has limited capacity which can be used very quick, which if facing a larger CPS or something will leave you vulnerable.

Against the Speed Loader Power Surge 2500

It is deadly, so most air pressure blaster users be very careful or just stay away.  Small end CPS’s like the 1000 and up along with backpack Super Charger users make the user waste their water, as the 2500 while having larger capacity of its own line is still not that high against many Super Soakers.

Ratings /100%
Power 80
Weight 80
Mobility 80
Intimidation 90
Soakage 90
Durability 70
Efficiency 75
Overall 75%