Strap Addition

Tools/items needed:

-Strap (duh)
-Soldering iron
-Craft knife

With the new nozzle finally done, it was time to add something that the Hydro Cannon really needs, and should have had in the first place, a strap.

What this inevitably means is that we are going to need to make some holes in the body.  I started with the rear of the blaster first.  There is a nice area near the back, there is a fake cosmetic screw bit of plastic next to an actual screw, which I have marked here.


I didn’t think that drilling would be wise for this, so I decided to use a soldering iron instead, being hot it should just melt through.


I also did it through the other side as well, it is not the prettiest but it has made a good enough hole here.  I then used a craft knife to cut off some of the poky bits left behind.


The next part we are moving on to where at the front would be best to make a hole.  It is a bit harder this time, as there is only places that have screws in, so it’s gonna have to one of those.  Thankfully the place I have chosen/marked in the next picture despite not having a screw there soon, when the blaster is all together, it doesn’t get unstable.  The part that is getting a hole put through is actually a small piece that comes off from the main blaster part.


Once again the soldering iron was used, not the prettiest outcome and shows scars, however it’s worth it for the need strap.


I then used a small round file to make the hole as big as I could make it without breaking something, on the inside and outside of the front part.


I then went back to the rear part and did the same; however this didn’t need a lot since I got a much nicer hole with this bit.


Moving back to the front, the hole just wasn’t quite big enough for the string I will use later to go through.  I soldered through again and got it about big enough.  However, this led to another issue.  The actual circular wall of the plastic the screw went through had expanded from the heat the soldering iron gave, in which I couldn’t actually fit the two small pieces back together.

I saw no other option than to cut it off, so, in the vice it went, reading for the saw.


Easy and quick, it was off, with just some sanding and filing to get rid of the mess left behind from it.


This means that until the whole blaster is back together it will get wobbly, but again I didn’t find this a massive pain, as it is easy to get back together in which the issue becomes unnoticeable.

That’s the more involved bit done; the rest is easy, as now all I needed to do is use the string and then put the strap on.


With the string, it was put through the holes and then a knot was tied.


The excess string was then cut off with scissors.  The same process was done with the two holes at the front after.


The ends were looking ragged, and if caught on something it would not look pretty, so a drop of superglue was applied on each end to stop this.  A heat gun would have been better, however since it is so close to the plastic I didn’t want to start giving the blaster even more scars that it already has from all this modding.


With the glue dry and set, I put the strap on each end and it turns out to be a nice fit.



And now the Hydro Cannon finally has what it so desperately needs, a strap.  It is starting to take shape now!