Super Soaker 300


7.025L - 247.28oz
1.625L - 57.2oz

Shot Time*
204mL - 7.2oz

Pump Volume
Shots Per Tank
93mL - 3.27oz

*70% power or higher

Ah, the Super Soaker 300, now we really are going back, released in 1993, part of the classic series alongside the likes of the 50, 100, 200 etc., this blaster was the biggest one of the series in which you could take over a town with if you wanted to. Often overlooked because it is rather rare nowadays, while being an air pressure blaster, it had some serious power, which to this day is still a pretty big benchmark. No modern day blaster post 2002 can match it, and even blasters released in the golden CPS age it can be on par with. If you saw a fully functioning one of these firing in person your jaw would drop, and that is quite an accomplishment. This is old school at its finest.

The SS 300 is basically a large backpack blaster. One nozzle rated at about 7x in output, powered by three huge air pressure chambers that total the firing chamber to over a whopping 50oz/1.5L, that’s enough to make anybody jump out their chair or crap their pants. The backpack holds over 6L of water, so there is plenty there to keep going. The whole blaster looks very cool and fantasy rifle like, sporting a mixture of crimson red and dark blue main colouring, with hints of yellow for areas like the pump and trigger, as well as having a yellow backpack with purple striping. The pump is tracked and pumps a large amount per pump stroke in order to fill up that huge firing chamber in a good time. Take around 20 pumps or so to be fully charged. The trigger is activated by a lever near the front. Once fully pumped, you really can say ‘Let’s Rock!,’ as the stream it delivers is really truly awe inspiring, that it really does make the blaster the definition of insanity. It’s hard to believe a blaster of this much force and power was made 19 years ago now. The stream since it’s so big and powerful also doesn’t last very long, it’s about 4 seconds peak until the air pressure starts to drop off, but what a stream while it lasted. Put it this way, whoever gets hit by it will know, in fact, you may not see them again because it comes out at such a force, at the least the one I used to have and looked after properly did. Because of this, it was one of the few soakers that actually achieved its advertised 50 foot range on the box and maybe a bit more. You could even use it in the pool too without the backpack as the piping could be disconnected so it could draw water from another source, so you could basically be king or queen of wherever.

As much of a frightening weapon this is, the problem is that the reason that you rarely if ever see them being used nowadays or just around is because they were incredibly fragile. You really needed to take good care of them in order to see its awesome power. If you fell while using it, chances are that would be it, snapped in half like a broken heart. It was not just that part, the nozzle was also very fragile to the point the stream would not be as good if the blaster were stored in a bad place for a while. Same with the trigger, not only is it more awkward being the old fashioned lever trigger that required two hands, that part too, is also fragile, as the spring can wear on the plastic causing a snap eventually if not stored properly, or just generally not treating it properly. This is why the only one I got up until now that I loved that worked fully was one I got new off eBay about 7 years ago now when someone had a load of them, like a complete idiot I sold it as I felt it wasn’t getting enough use as I was scared of its fragility, however looking back what I should have really done was kept and cherished it and brought it out on those special moments, as that’s what this blaster is. Every other 300 I got was used and it just wasn’t the same, both been fucked around with too much uncaringness. You REALLY need to take care of these, as if it is your second other half or relationship. The backpack is also hard plastic, so in order for it to be comfortable it is best to put it into a softer pack. Despite the huge backpack capacity, because the amount of water the 300 stores in it's pressure chamber is so high (the highest of any stock pump up blaster), you get just a bit over 4 shots from a full tank, however it only takes one from this to make somebody think the fire department got called.

Even with the fragility, the Super Soaker 300 in my opinion is a legend of a blaster and always will be. It is one of those blasters that even though it has problems that don’t make it as practical as many other blasters released after, you basically forgive it because it just has that mojo and vibe of just causing mayhem when the mood and day is just right for that special moment, looking like an action hero character at the same time, now that you just cannot beat. I remember when I first saw it when looking up all things Super Soaker about 8 years or so ago, and I just thought that is one of the coolest things ever, and when I luckily got one brand new it did not disappoint power wise. It was so ahead of anything its time when released, and even now its power has still stood up well in the past 19 years. I have now been fortunate enough to get another new one to replace the one I foolishly sold, and it is still as awesome as I remember it. If Duke Nukem were to use a water gun, this would be it. It’s got the looks, the style and the power which never gets old. You will look cool using one, but remember to keep your cool as well while doing so as it is fragile. Therefore, it gets my recommendation totally. It is rare now though, there's more chance of bigfoot turning up on your doorstep.

Ratings /100%
Power 95
Weight 70
Mobility 50
Intimidation 90
Soakage 90
Durability 50
Efficiency 60
Overall 100%