Super Soaker Booklet Mistakes

This is nothing massive, but it is quite interesting nonetheless. When I got my new CPS 2700, being new it included the little hand tag booklet of Larami's 2000 range of Super Soakers. Aside from the pictures, you'll see here that some of the specs are different from the finished model, as well as having a few description errors.

This is the booklet we are talking about that you may have seen before.

front cover

I haven't included all the pages, however I have included most as many of the blasters had features that didn't actually happen on the final product.

pages 3-4

pages 5-6

pages 7-8

pages 9-10

pages 11-12

As you can see quite a few interesting things there, I'll go through them page by page just to confirm.

>Pages 3-4:

XP 270 mentioned as having two powerful nozzle settings when in reality it only had one.

Also the XP 310 being mentioned as having four powerful nozzle settings of 5x, 10x, 20x and Typhoon Blast. We know in reality this must have been a typo as there's no way the XP 310 with the size of its air chambers could support any nozzles that big. You'd only just get over a second on the 5x alone!

>Pages 5-6:

The SC Big Trouble's four nozzle settings are different from what actually came out in the end. Here it states it has a 10x, Fan Blast, Typhoon Blast & Power Burst. As you can see not really very focused on stream nozzles, more garden type spray ones. In reality it had a 1.5x, 8.5x, Fan Blast and Power Burst nozzles.

>Pages 7-8:

Not much here but it Larami lists the CPS 1200 as holding 100oz of water which is about 3L, in reality the 1200 holds around 2.45L in its reservoir. However you never know they could have meant in total, with the firing chamber and reservoir full, or they could have just got it mixed up and meant to state it for the CPS 1700, which does hold around 100oz in its reservoir, and I'm pretty sure Larami do the capacity as in just the reservoir volume.

>Pages 9-10:

As you might have seen, the 2700 at one stage it seems Larami thought about putting a Typhoon Blast nozzle there instead of the 2x we got in the end. 5x, 10x and Typhoon Blast, I wonder what that would have been like on the 2700?

>Pages 11-12:

Once again, the original Monster's stream nozzles appeared to originally be more towards what the CPS line got. We can see here that the Monster is labelled as having a 5x, 10x and 20x as its stream nozzles, instead of the 5x, 8.5x and 11.5x we got in the end along with the other 3 garden type nozzles.

Note also on the picture of the blaster, you can see it has a nozzle selector of 4 nozzles. Not only that, it looks awfully similar to the nozzle selector the Monster (2001) got that was released the year after. Maybe the 2001 was already in the works or had actually been made, but instead the decision was taken to release it the next year? Who knows?

As a whole it is quite interesting to see some of what appears to be alternative options that were considered by Larami at the time. I had another leaflet years ago that was from later where the specs are more to how the blasters came out in reality; if I can get another older blaster new with that particular tag I'll update this page.