The Hydro Cannon modification/integration originally came about when I received a broken CPS 2500, which I salvaged for parts.  The main part I wanted was thankfully fully operational, the big and powerful pressure chamber and its casing.  At this time I had not purchased a Hydro Cannon, and was actually wondering what I could use the 2500 pressure chamber for.

At first, I thought putting it into my original Monster would be quite interesting.  I then however decided not to do that as the model I own had quite a lot of power already.  That and the fact I remembered reading on one of the forums many moons ago that somebody had done something similar by putting a CPS 2000 chamber in a Monster X, which over time actually gave it problems, as since it was more powerful, the Monster X’s firing valve after a while started to wear out in which it shot while you pumped.  And given original Monsters in nice condition and the like aren’t easy to get nowadays I decide to leave that.

I then thought why not try it in a newer more crappy blaster?  The Super Soakers nowadays under Hasbro’s ownership are rubbish compared to the older Larami ones from 2002 and before.  Now they are targeted at kids, and seem purposely made to perform poorly with stupid gimmicks.  I have had Flash Floods before, as well as the Aquapack Devastator before, both of which after a while I sold.  The Flash Flood while a good idea, was in my mind let down by not being big enough, not enough capacity in its CPS chamber to support that huge nozzle, with the stream nozzle being too small.  I also hated the gimmicky separate trigger you had to pull for the ‘Flood’ nozzle.  Reliability with the trigger valves weren’t the best either.  The Devastator I liked better, it was a simple blaster that was CPS and had a solid stream nozzle, however again it is a pity it was not bigger nozzle and firing chamber wise.  You could not really extend it easily either due to the design.

Anyway, I was thinking about putting the chamber in a Flash Flood at first, however decided against it as I just do not like the whole two trigger thing.  I had remembered that Hasbro had released the Hydro Cannon.  Compared to most of their blasters, design wise at least it was not too bad.  One trigger where it should be connected to a big nozzle with a tracked pump, in a simple blaster design a bit like the old CPS days.  Only stupid gimmick was the shield, which went in the bin as I thought it was pointless.  It is typical Hasbro under the hood, disappointing; despite the fact the younger kids think it is amazing (go on YouTube and see).  Poor reservoir volume and terrible firing chamber volume despite it being CPS.  It might be a big blast nozzle; however it packs so little in the firing chamber that it never gets going.  Thankfully though, with the 2500 chamber on hand, it was time to get one and make it better.  Over the next few pages you’ll see what I did to the Hydro Cannon to make it better and how I did it.  More reservoir volume, much bigger firing chamber and a much bigger and better blast to soak your opponents with – this is the Hydro Cannon 2500.