The Backpack Part

For this you will need:

-Electrical Tape
-1" x 3/4" BSP Threaded Reducing Nipple
-3/4" BSP External Threaded Tap Connector
-O rings
-Silicon Rubber

Right, I'll start with the problem that started all this movie villan like plot in the first place.

I recently received a brand new SC Power Pak, I was pretty happy about that, until I opened it to find out that I was in for a whole load challenge again trying to repair it. I must be being tested or something.

Anyway, the first problem as you can see that I noticed, was that the threaded connection on the gun that connected to the backpack had split, this one clearly had been made a bit more carelessly while someone was on their lunch break.


I tried superglue at first and held it in a clamp to let it set, however that did not work as since it needs to be a tight connection, it just split the glue almost instantly.

I then thought that I should make a completely new connection from the backpack, while not damaging any original parts. So I got to work. I am making it so that I can just connect it easily by a single click by using a normal garden hose connection.

First we need to get the backpack, we will be working on the threaded piece that sticks out.


Next, we will be putting the 1" x 3/4" BSP Threaded Reducing Nipple over the top of it, this will create our connection. I got it from a place called Wilson Hall in the UK where I'm from.


Next, o rings need to be put on the inside of the larger 1" part that will go over the backpack threaded piece. This is to create a seal, unless you want water flying out everywhere and do 20 damage to yourself. Get around 5 to 6 o rings and stack them in there to a point where you can feel the o rings stopping against the end of the threaded part.


Now we need the electrical tape to wrap around the threaded backpack piece. You do not need much, just enough so that the 1" part of the nipple can snugly fit over to create a nice tight fit. Use scissors to cut of the parts of the tape that go over.


With that done, we can now fit the threaded nipple over like so.


With the 3/4" part of the threaded nipple sticking out, we now need the 3/4" BSP threaded tap connector piece to go over it.


It should already have an o ring in, so simply screw it on the thread until tight.


Now we are not finished yet, some water may still leak out. There was a part where the threaded nipple could not be put on any further which still shows the electrical tape.


We as a precuation, are going to need our friend silicon rubber again. Put it all around, I know it will be messy, I used a screwdriver to even it out. Let it set.



And hooray! We are finished, the completed backpack, no more problems here, lets move onto the gun, which is where most of the work needs doing.