The Inside

Nothing special here really, but since this is going to be modified, let’s take a look at the insides of the Super Shooter CPS 2000.

Sadly, I lost the statistics I took when it was stock when I was clearing things out.  However, aside from the stream drop off being more prominent as said in the overview, everything else (reservoir volume, firing chamber, output, pumps, shot time .etc.) is pretty much the same as an actual CPS 1000.

Opening is rather straightforward, just a normal Philips head screwdriver is all you need, since the nozzle cover pops off easily and the pump cap just screws off, no prying or anything is required.  I will say that from opening a fair share of Super Soakers in my time the screws on the Super Shooter CPS 2000 do strip more easily if not careful, sorry if I disappointed all of you who thought I was talking about an entirely different subject regarding the stripping nature.


The Super Shooter CPS 2000 full view of internals.

As you can see, it is pretty much the same as how a normal CPS 1000 would be.  Everything in the right place, done out the same.

Trigger area.

Nozzle/trigger valve area.

Pressure chamber bulb.

One thing that is a little different, is that there is a small piece that goes between one of the screw holes of the casing that acts as a support for the PC casing.

Another close up of the trigger/nozzle valve area.

Now, it is the big one, opening up the pressure chamber casing to see what is in there, and hey presto, we do actually have a rubber spherical bladder.


Close up of the bladder.

It is strange though as to how performance wise the streams drop off is still more noticeable than on a real CPS 1000, or any other CPS Super Soaker.  Maybe it could be the rubber isn’t as strong, or one other thing, the actual oval shape of the bladder isn’t fully round/balanced, which might be a cause, but I cannot really give a definite answer.

That’s pretty much it for exploring, aside from the pictures and videos I have of it firing stock which will be shown, the next thing you’ll see on the Super Shooter CPS 2000 page, is the finished modded blaster.