Trigger Pull Extending

Items/Tools used

-Craft knife
-Metal rod/wire
-Marker pen
-Bolster Chisel
-Wire cutters

With all the modifications being done on the first version on the Hydro Cannon 2500, it was now time to improve it, after some testing I felt that the trigger needed to be moved forward more to allow easier and faster trigger pulls to get a more consistent stream.  The Hydro Cannons trigger I found rather sensitive and dynamic depending on how far and how fast it is pulled.  This would involve making a new slightly shorter trigger rod and also a bit of plastic chopping.

First, we want to cut this raised part of plastic where the trigger stops at on both sides.


I used a craft knife and some scissors to cut it as filing took too long and was messy.  Make sure to be careful with the craft knife as one mistake they can be lethal.  I ended up with this on both shell pieces of the blaster.


Next, there is a part that with the trigger now moved forward gets in the way of the end of the trigger, which predictably needs to be cut off.  I cut it on both sides; however you might be able to get away with just cutting it on the right hand side.


I again used a craft knife and scissors to get it off.


The last part is making the new slightly shorter trigger rod.  So that it would be the right measurement, with the rod as straight as possible, the harder circular part that connects to the piece that pulls back and opens the valve was done first.  The rod was put in the vice, and hammered into a 45 degree angle to start it.


The next parts are a bit hard to explain, as most of it is just shaping it and making little adjustments.  The angled rod was then placed vertically into the vice, and carefully hammered the opposite direction with a bolster chisel to create another part of the circle.



It is now taking shape, not going to get it exactly like it, but as long as it fits.


Back it went into the vice again with a bit more hammering and chiselling to bend it at another 45 degree angle.  It now looked good enough to go in and be a replacement.


It is now in ready for the screw to fit in nicely.


Things are now made much easier when it comes to being the right length, as now we just have bend it about to put through the end of the trigger hole, and chop off the excess.  I first marked where I needed to bend for the hook where the rod crossed the hole.


Then it was time to do some more bending in the vice with the hammer, making sure it was bent the right way and side.


Thankfully this time it was far easier as it was just an easy hairpin, or just a bit more than a 90 degree angle.


Now it just needs a bit more bending with the hammer in the vice and cutting off the excess rod with the wire cutters.


The now completed slightly shorter rod against the original now cleaned off a bit too with some sandpaper, ready to fit in.


Finally it is connected to both sides with the trigger now further forward.  You might notice the rod underneath the trigger to reinforce it is not there.  It fell off while doing this mod, so I probably did not glue it on properly.  With some cleaning up with sandpaper and a bit more bending straight I glued it back on, so the day after I can fit it all back together again.


Of course this mod is rather optional, and probably not as necessary given the way I modded the nozzle anyway which you’ll see later on, however it is still handy I suppose.  The good thing is you can put it back the way it was with the original rod in 2 seconds.  I do feel the mod helps though.