Trigger Reshaping & Reinforcing

Tools/Items used

-Loctite super glue
-Dremel with filing piece
-Thin steel tube/rod
-Masking tape

I was so glad when I got this part done.  Basically, while the internals may fit and everything after all that has been done.  The trigger will get stuck and not pull smoothly left as it is, so a lot of trimming and reinforcing is needed.  I basically had to cut down a lot of the trigger.  It would be hard to see the areas where I cut without pointing out where in the pictures, so for the next few parts, I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking.  I basically used a mixture of sawing and using the dremel to take off and trim the areas mentioned.

The stock trigger as it is.


The first part of it to cut off.


After the cut.


Where to cut next as we go further on.


It is getting thinner now.


Another little trim into what we have just done.


It might all seem a bit pointless, but it was needed so it could pull without touching any other part of the internals.


Next I am moving near to the trigger handle.


The part just above it that sticks out needs some trimming, no saw here, just the dremel, with a file and sandpaper afterwards.


Now thank goodness I was almost there, not much more to go now.


No more trimming involved now.  I next put super glue on the areas that with the trimming had become rather thin and could snap when you pull the trigger.


I still afterwards felt that it was not enough, so went for more reinforcement.  There was some very small steel tubing that was almost rod like which I decided to use to reinforce the whole underside of the triggers flat piece.


The rod was cut to about the right length (enough at least to cross the weak areas) and sawed off while in the vice.


I then put the superglue all down the flat area for the steel tube to go on to.  With the steel tube lined up as straight as I could get it, I put it on while the glue was good, and carefully put masking tape on each end while it was in the vice to hold it so the rod could set with the glue.


With the rod in a firm position with the first bit of masking tape at either end, I then put masking tape all around, and let it all set for the night.


And the next day, it was finally finished, and reinforced well, it now holds up fine and should have no problem with trigger pulls.


Close up of it supporting the fragile thin part.


We are getting there now, past half way and can almost see the glimmer of light at the end.  Next section I am going to be working on the reservoir.