CPS 2000 Trigger Valve Seal

CPS 2000 Trigger Valve Seal Repair

Tools/items needed:

-High Viscosity Superglue

This is a rather simple repair, however a repair is a repair at the end of the day; and it made my CPS 2000 perform noticeably better!

There is a rather interesting story about the CPS 2000 this was done on, it holds quite a bit of sentimental value to me.  Basically the story goes like this (man this is getting like one of those action film flashbacks!).  Back in 2004, a new in box CPS 2000 Mk2 kept appearing on eBay for a price so high that it would make anyone who didn’t understand or have an interest in Super Soakers die of shock.  There were even forum threads on it on both SSCentral and iSoaker.  It kept getting relisted at lower prices, until it went to an auction format where it had a reserve instead.  Needless to say, it didn’t sell either; however it was me who was the highest bidder.  After some negotiation with the seller, which didn’t go my way at first, the frustration of it not selling after countless relists must have got to the seller as just as I had said I cannot go any higher, he gave in and said I could have it for the price I got it for with shipping, needless to say, I was happy, a new CPS 2000!

I didn’t really do anything with it for ages when I had it, just admired it, until flash forward 3 years later to 2007 when I decided to open it.  However this was the time when I made quite a few stupid decisions soaker wise and I was losing interest in general, so after firing it a few times I traded it for another blaster, which I heavily regretted later on.  The 2000 after a few shots I noticed had a leak somewhere as well; however I mentioned this when doing the deal.

Now once again flash forward to 2011, with my interest back and things being more stable, I was trawling through eBay and found a CPS 2000 Mk2 with its box.  Incredibly, I recognised it was the one I foolishly got rid of, in the same condition I left it in!  With that, I bid on it and successfully won (it back lol!).  This time though it is going nowhere.  Everything all went well and I received it back safe and sound.  And just as I remember it, the leaking was still there after firing it, and this is where the problem comes in.

First, here’s the 2000 in all its beauty.


Now put simply, what was happening is that it was pumping up to pressure fine; however once you had done that, the pressure would slowly drop as I could see on the pressure gauge, in which I’d get a load of water leak out the trigger area, partially soaking me in the process.  Even if you fired straight away it would happen still.  I felt it was affecting the stream as well, it felt as if the leaking was making it not as potent as it could be.  The blaster needed opening, and then the valve itself does.  Thankfully on the older bigger CPS blasters the trigger valves were held together by screws in their casing, so you could open it and then put it back together, Larami really did design these well.  Here’s the inside of the valve.


It was obvious at first that the leaking was not caused by a hole in the plastic or anything, I then found the culprit.  It was the o ring at the end which acts as a seal to stop any pressure from escaping, part of it was loose, not sealing fully.


Either someone didn’t stick part of it down properly at the factory, or after years of it being stored it may have just come loose, either way, it’s a piss easy fix at least.  All that is needed is some high viscosity superglue to seal it back down, carefully lift up the affected area and apply.


With it on, let it set until the glue has fully strengthened, usually about an hour but I left it a whole day just make sure before I did anything testing wise.


As you can see, you are done, it is now fully secured!


After putting it all back together, I tested it, and result!  No pressure loss, no leaking, and the stream fired now is far more solid and hard hitting, basically what you would expect from a nice example CPS 2000 Mk2.  So now I have a CPS 2000 I have had most of the time from new firing fresh and perfect!