CPS 3000 Backpack Attachment Broken

For this you will need:
-Steel tubing
-PVC/plastic tube – I used tubing from a Super Soaker non tracked pump
-Tubing cutter/saw
(For the tubing you will need to measure to get the right size)

The CPS 3000 is a truly super blaster, however its backpack attachment part depending on how it stored can be prone to breaking.  In this example, the part that connects under the tubing has snapped off.  This happened when connecting it to the blaster as usual, it felt stiff and didn’t want to go in, in which it snapped, must have been left in the cold a bit by the previous owner at the time I had it.


Now to fixing it; First what we’ll need is a piece of small sized metal tubing, it’s a long time ago now but I think I used a steel tube in the picture that was lying around in the garage.  It needs to be the same size and cut to the same length as the broken off plastic piece as seen here.  You can use a tubing cutter or a saw, your choice.



Now, we need something to go around the outside of the metal tubing, in order for it to fit snugly into the hole of the backpack attachment.


I suggest a piece of plastic tubing, I used an old Super Soaker pump, however not everyone has those so a piece of PVC will do.  Put it into the hole, and if it fits snug and well, then hooray!



You then need to cut it pretty short, just enough for it to stop at where the metal piping will stick out.


Next, fit it over the metal piping.



Almost there, now line it up and fit it in, it should like something like this when done.



Now all that is left is to fit the tubing over again and seal it with the hose clamping piece on that screws on.  As you can see I have also put an o ring on just before the piece for that bit of extra protection and sealing.


There we go!  All done, now go back out and start causing terror again!