CPS 3200 Lite

For this you will need:

-3L Max Infusion Backpack
-1/2 inch threading plastic hosing barb

As cool as the CPS 3200 is, one thing that is a bit of an issue for some is the backpack.  8 litres of solid plastic can be a bit painful, not only in comfort but in mobility too.  This simple mod/alteration is for those who want to have a devastating CPS 3200, but in a much lighter and agile package similar in capacity to the CPS 1500/1700, 2000, 2500 and 2700.  The best thing is that it is so easy and can be reversed back to normal quicker than being beamed up to a holodeck.

Right, first you’ll need to buy a Super Soaker 3L Max Infusion Backpack.  If 3L if a bit too much a drop for you compared to the 8L originally, then there is always the option to make your own, however 3L was just fine for me, as I want the 3200 in a lighter package.


Next, you’ll need a 1/2 inch plastic hosing barb as seen here.


The best thing is that it just screws easily onto the end of the 3200’s hose thread that would screw to the original backpack.


Now cut the tubing from the Max Infusion backpack fairly close to where it leads from the backpack, as most of the tube is still going to be the 3200’s purple tubing which is easily long enough to get to the backpack.  You just need to cut it so it’s still long enough to put the hose barb in.


Now fit the hosing barb into the tubing from the backpack, it’s a pretty tight squeeze so you’ll need to have some strength to get it through a good distance so it’s snug.  The just screw the barb into the 3200’s hose thread until it reaches the o ring in it so that it is a snug fit and won’t leak when pumped.


And there you have it, all finished and lighter, the 3200 now has another handy place on the field!