Modded Super Shooter CPS 2000

Here is another little thing I did and have just completed; it is not as big as the Hydro Cannon mod that has been going on for what it seems like generations now; however it is at least something.

Last year I obtained a new Super Shooter CPS 2000, which if you are unaware of, is a Super Soaker CPS 1000 clone/fake that is actually good.  After mentioning what my experience was like with it stock, I then planned to mod it, which is what you now see here.  The mods done are a nozzle enlargement and a light 19 balloon K Modification.

The modded Super Shooter, looks no different from stock, however performance wise, that's another story.

I’ll list the stats first, sadly, I lost the stock statistics I took before it was modded, I will say though that stock, the firing chamber volume, shot time and output were around the same ballpark as an actual CPS 1000 from owning some previously.

On the outside at a glance, one of the best parts about how it is now is that many won’t really have an idea on how much it is modded or if has been modded at all.

Now power wise there is big improvement too.  There is a noticeable improvement, the stream has way more punch, is more violent and sadly while I don’t have range measurement for it stock, I can say that the maximum range is definitely a metre or so further than before.  The enlarged nozzle also helps contribute towards this as, being drilled to about 10x has made it perform really well.  You can really soak someone to the point where you literally won’t see them anymore.

The biggest thing that has improved power wise, is that with the addition of the balloons, the stream now stays constant through the whole shot.  Remember before stock I reported I got more noticeable drop off than compared to a normal CPS?  Well that has gone thankfully, just like how you are thankful when you don’t have the flu anymore.

With the nozzle being larger and the balloons added on, the firing chamber is now smaller which results in less shot time.  With the firing chamber holding around 15oz now (about 5oz less than stock), and the new nozzle at 10x, the shot time is 1.5 seconds.  However it doesn’t take many pumps, and doesn’t take long to pump either at least.  With these mods these disadvantages are obviously going to show.

As a whole, it went well, noticeable improvement in stream size, power and range.  Modding these seem to be worthwhile, it held up well with no issues and is overall a solid dependable blaster, especially if you can pick one up for not much.  Stock however if that is all you are after, then I’d say a real CPS 1000 is better.

Here’s the link to the video of the performance, before and after the mods.  The photos of this firing plus a fair bit of other stuff are in the new Gallery update.