Monster (2001) Trigger Pull

For this you will need:

-Dremel (or drill) with a filing piece

In 2009, I was lucky enough to score a Monster (2001) brand new off eBay, and I have cherished and kept it clean ever since.  Looks like I got a good one too as it has nice power and range, not to mention soakage.  Only slight issue with it was the trigger, when fully pumped even fully pulled back it would at times get stuck and fire continuously, didn’t feel smooth.  To avoid breaking and putting stress on it, I opened it up slightly to fix it.


As you can see, the trigger is stopping on the plastic beam that one of the screws goes into, and it is that that is causing the problem here, the trigger for a smooth pull just needs to go a little further.


Now once opened up enough or fully (I didn’t open the blast fully), grab the dremel (you could get away with a drill but I reckon you would need the blaster fully opened) as well as a filing piece similar to that in the picture below.


Now shave down the screw hole beam down enough so that trigger can go past nicely.  Don’t forgot to file down the same part on the other half of the blasters shell as well otherwise the trigger will still remain not being able to go any further.  My job isn’t the best and it’s a bit messy, however it was enough to work.



Put it back together and your Monster (2001) is ready to start eating people again!