Nozzle Smoothening

For this you will need:
-Drill/Dremel (I used a drill)
-Flat filing piece for drill/dremel
-A hoover or something to clean up the mess

Certain nozzles on some blasters don't have the lamination you would like it to, there are times when you have to live with what you got, however there are other times when you can make a difference and improve the nozzle to be more useable.

On the CPS 3000/3200

The 20x nozzle on the CPS 3000 and 3200 can be pretty terrifying, however also rather unpredictable.  On some of them I used to have though, sometimes they fired a long blast, and others a very short one, not sure whether it was whether they were aligned properly or what, but I still wanted them to be more consistent.  It is a rather simple fix to try here.  First, here is the 20x as it is normally.


Now, see the slight ridge that goes up, we want to make that completely flat, this is where we need either a drill or a dremel, your choice, in which you want a sanding piece like this.


Carefully file it down until it is flat with no more ridge poking up, while it looks a bit messy here, it should look something like this.


Hoover the mess up, and you are done.  Surprisingly, it did help on both of them as I did get more consistent and nice ranging 20x shots.  It’s always good to have a nice 20x blast ready for someone you don’t like!

On the CPS 2500

The 20x nozzle on the CPS 2500 is also prone mood swings regarding whether you will get a good or bad shot, follow this link to find out how to make it much better.