Pump Lubricating

Tools/items needed:

-Silicone Lubricant

Before I begin, if you are getting dirty thoughts about upon reading the title of this repair, then you’re gonna be disappointed, it’s got nothing to do that subject or anything like American Pie.

Over time, tracked pump blasters from either being a bit rough with pumping, or just pump wear in general from continuous use start to lose that smoothness where the pump handle contacts the body of the blaster.  Friction builds up, little dust pieces of plastic form which make the overall pump experience feel and sound like chalk on a blackboard.  Thankfully this problem is solved rather easily; it is also quite a good thing to perform every so often to keep the pump gliding nicely.

The example this is going to be done on this time is a CPS 2000 Mk2, which while it worked fine arrived showing wear on the pump, it was not smooth.  First what you need to do is unscrew the pump handle off with a screwdriver.


Next, take some sandpaper and use it on both sides of the pump where they are facing the body and will often touch it when pumping.  I’m still talking about water guns here, so I’m sorry if you’ve got hot and sweaty all for nothing.


Then use the sandpaper and lightly go along the body of the blaster where the pump handle touches it.  Just a few strokes up and down is enough, you don’t want to overdo it, just a light sanding down.


We then need the silicone lubricant.


Taking a very small amount, rub it across the body of the blaster where you have just sanded, same on the pump as well.  Again use very little, you don’t want a huge glob of it going over, just enough to spread across.  When satisfied, wipe off the excess silicone with a cloth.


All that is left now is to screw the pump back on.


And that’s it, maintenance completed, you won’t need to be doing this again for a while, and when you do, it doesn’t take long and is very simple.  Makes all the difference in operating your blaster.