SS 300 Pressure Chamber

With the trigger mechanism on my SS 300 fixed, while doing that I also did a simple and easy fix on the pressure chamber.

What you need:

-SS 300 Backpack
-Craft knife
-Soldering iron
-Duct tape

What happened was that there was a small hole in one of the pressure chambers which made it loose pressure quickly.  I couldn't believe how rough it had been treated, it made me wonder how on earth they could have put a hole in the pressure chamber, oh well, lets get onto fixing it.  The hole looked like this.


Next you need to get the backpack and find a part which doesn't interfere with the reservoir, I did the bottom just underneath where the straps go through as it is rather thick there, and you barely make a difference into how it looks.  However the top part of the same bit is fine too.  You then need to use a sharp craft knife to carve some pieces out of the backpack.  Get around 7 pieces, if the hole is bigger you may need more pieces, or bigger ones.

Now sand the part where the hole is so it is nice and flat.  Now you are ready to use the soldering iron.  Heat it up and carefully mould the pieces into the hole.  It should work well and give good cover.  Don't push too hard, you don't want to make the hole bigger.  Once finished and happy, you should end up with something like this.



It should now hold up well, to add some extra protection and reinforcement, put some duct tape over the area you covered.  I haven't done this but plan to do so.

Other than this, congratulations!  You've fixed this problem.