Worn Trigger Valve

You will need:

-Hot Glue
-Metal piece
-Saw to cut metal

There will be a time sooner or later when the trigger valve of an older style blaster that uses a pull valve will wear out.  This means the spring cannot open or close the valve properly anymore when you pull the trigger or when you pump.  If it is pulling the trigger wise, chances are the stream won’t stop when you depress it, or if it is pumping wise that means the valve is very worn as it will just pump out water every time as the valve cannot close without you yourself pushing the valve closed on the inside using the rod.  The example this fix was performed on was a CPS 1500 I used to have, which a lot of the time when fired would just keep firing when you wanted to stop.  Open the blaster up, for the CPS 1500 you’ll need a flathead screwdriver too to gently pry off the nozzle piece.


With the blaster opened, you’ll need to cut out a small square piece of metal, this will go on the end of the valve rod so the spring with have an area to attach securely to.


Next, you need to make a small crater as close to the middle of the metal piece, this is to make it fit easier into the valve rod.  Use a dremel or a drill; remember you aren’t drilling a hole all the way through.  I used a drill piece that had a pointy to make it easier; however with some patience you should be able to do it with a normal drill piece.


Now for the final part, putting it all together, patience is needed here.  Now get a spring and some hot glue.  The spring needs to be glued on the left side to the bottom of the firing chamber for something to support itself on, while being on the square piece of metal on the other side glued onto the trigger rod.  This allows it to open and close again from the added spring.  It is very fiddly hot gluing all these together but be patient and it should work and hold enough.


And all done, no more old and rusty syndrome anymore!